Issue 3 – 2018

International Journal for the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer and Privacy Counsel


“A Canadian Perspective on Modernizing Privacy Legislation”
Daniel Therrien
Privacy Commissioner of Canada

“Perceptions to the GDPR: New Zealand”
Hon. Judge and Professor David Harvey

“Perspective on the GDPR and Current Issues from the UK Information Commissioner”
Elizabeth Denham
UK Information Commissioner

“Perspectives on the GDPR: Italian Data Protection Authority
Antonello Soro
President Italian Data Protection Authority

“Perspectives on the GDPR: Spanish Privacy Professionals Association”
Cecilia Álvarez
Chairwoman of APEP, the Spanish Privacy Professionals Association

“Perspective on GDPR from the Technology Sector”
Sooji Seo
Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, Dell Technologies

“Perceptions to the GDPR: US”
Sonia K. Katyal
Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, University of California, Berkeley

Professor David Vladeck
Former Consumer Bureau Director

Terrell McSweeny
FTC Commissioner

Aaron Tantleff
Foley & Lardner LLP

Debbie Reynolds
EimerStahl Discovery Solutions

“Perspectives on the GDPR from South Africa
Cynthia Yav
Centurion Law Group

“Perspectives for Supranational Digital Regulation in Developing Countries”
Roberto Bonilla
ARIAS Law, El Salvador

“Road to GDPR Compliance: Developments in Greece

Marianna Katrakazi
Tsibanoulis & Partners

“Perspectives on the GDPR, A View from Italy
Giovanni Maria Riccio
Professor of Law, Managing Partner, E-Lex Law Firm

“The GDPR From Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
Brian Meenagh and Omar Elsayed
Latham & Watkins LLP, Dubai

“Perceptions to the GDPR, Data Protection and Privacy Sector

“GDPR and Research: Is the GDPR Eventually Going to be Good or Bad for Research?

Kim Leonard Smouter-Umans
Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards, ESOMAR

“Perspectives of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Brazil
Fernando Bousso
FELSBERG Advogados