International Journal for the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer and Privacy Counsel (IDPP)

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Welcome to the International Journal for the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer, and Privacy Counsel.

The issues, complexity and nuance of data protection and privacy compliance are expanding. Issues such as data breach, breach notifications, increasing penalties and fines, the new GDPR, record keeping requirements, etc., are but examples. Increasing conflict and ethical issues arise while the formalities of decisions and recording activities are set to become more detailed.

Yet, the person tasked with being the first responder and pre-problem solver in the organisation to data protection and privacy issues – whether the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer and or Privacy Counsel – is becoming more formal, more prescribed and more onerous.

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The IDPP Journal issues include:


Personal data | Privacy | Data protection | Law, regulation and caselaw
The new DPO profession |GDPR | Compliance | Independence and conflict
| Resources | Records | ePrivacy | Ethics | Security incidents and notifications
Breach notification | Pre-problem solving | PbD/DPbD | Audits and assessment
Education, training and programmes | Solutions and systems | Resource update review